Stop Limiting Your Capacity To Do More

Why You Need To Build Your Network

Labor Day is when we remember the hard work that’s gone into building this country. But, it’s also an important reminder to a priceless principle in ministry.


Labor Day is a reminder that we can’t do what we do on our own. If I were to be honest my hardest moments in ministry came when I tried to

How To Avoid Burning Out

3 Areas To Address So You Can Keep Going Strong

Youth ministry is a nonstop machine that continuously demands a lot. Parents want you to help them reach their kids, teens need someone to hear them and then there are all those duties assigned by the pastor.

It’s a lot of work, but it can be a lot of fun. The problem is when the fun runs out. Instead of being a joyful leader you find yourself longing for the grind to stop. The temptation is to blame others when the reality is that your:

How To Pick The Right Small Group Content

3 Signs It's Right For Your Ministry

What content are you using for your youth ministry? Is it doing everything it promised? If you aren’t totally satisfied with your purchase or if you’re struggling to use it that’s okay.

No curriculum is perfect for your youth ministry. But, there are some resources that are better. Deciding on which ones to choose and why can be challenging. So before you add that message series to your cart or hit subscribe be sure you:

Why Youth Small Groups Are So Important

5 Reasons To Start Them In Your Youth Ministry

Want to know why a teenager will come back to your youth ministry? It’s because they feel connected and known. The best way to build that connection is with small groups.

Small groups are one of the most effective structures your youth ministry can embrace. If you really want to have an impact on a teenagers life you need to invest make them an intricate part of your ministry because small groups:

How To Get Your Small Groups Started

3 Areas To Pour All Your Energy Into When Getting Started

Events, trips, and even outreach opportunities will attract teens to your ministry. But, they’ll stay and come back only if they form authentic and real relationships. That will happen if you have a healthy small group program.

Small groups are powerful but they can’t just be thrown together. They need a plan and a structure. To get your small groups started you need to: