Want To Grab The Attention Of Your Teens And Their Parents?

Ever feel like your message is falling on deaf ears? Is it because people are too busy and distracted? Or, is it because you are not intentional with how you communicate?

Youth ministers are communicators. Whether you speak at your program, a training for volunteers or a meeting for parents you need to have a clear and effective message.  If you don’t

How To Engage Your Audience

4 Highly Important Areas To Check Before You Speak

Have you ever wondered, “Are people listening?”  It’s a question we ask at parent meetings, giving a message to teenagers or a training with volunteers.  It’s an important question to answer because if they aren’t engaged with what you are saying then you are just wasting time.

Engaging your audience isn’t just based on charisma and talent.  You need to work at it and it takes a plan.  To fully grab their focus you need to:

4 Secrets To Delivering A Dynamic Message

There is nothing more frustrating than delivering a message to a group of disengaged teenagers.  We wonder, “What’s the secret to getting teenagers to listen?”

There really isn’t a secret.  In fact it takes time and energy to deliver a well crafted message.  And while some people are more gifted than others the way you can improve on your message delivery is by:

What You Need To Do To Get Your Message Heard

I was recently asked, “What form of communication do you use to communicate with teens?”  I replied, “As many forms as possible.”  The number one mistake we all make when it comes to communicating is not doing it enough.

You could have a thought, communicate that thought and believe that everyone else now has that same thought, but that would be foolish.  To communicate effectively and make your message stick you need to:

What Do You Want People To Know?

Unfortunately people are not mind readers.  If they were volunteers would do want you want them to do.  Students and parents would get why you want them there.

We all have a message we want to get across to people.  Unfortunately we aren’t always sure how to deliver it.  To get your message across you need to: