How To Deal With Lonely Leadership

If you are a leader you will feel lonely.  That’s because the decisions, responsibilities and the burden fall on you first.  The question you need to answer is, “How am I going to deal with the loneliness?”

No one tells you when you get into ministry that there will be periods where it feels like:

How To Avoid and Address Burnout

Burnout seems to sneak up on you.  It starts as irritation or exhaustion and then next thing you know you are hiding under the covers wondering, “Is there any hope of me finding happiness?”  The reason most youth ministers find themselves in burnout is because they ignored the warning signs.

The other night I went out for a run.  I reached the end the block and then immediately turned around.  There was a flash of lightning followed immediately by a thunderous boom.  I took this warning sign serious and headed back towards my house.

It’s not always clear exactly what gets us to the point of burnout.  And that’s because there is no one point but a series of events.  To avoid burnout all together you need to:

How To Truly Last In Youth Ministry

At the end of a long day I just need to unwind.  My job is filled with many rewards; however, there can be times I just want to mail it in.  One of the ways I release the tension is through music (Especially with songs like Hold On by The Gospel Whiskey Runners).  It’s one of the small things I do to help me last in youth ministry.  

Youth ministry is like a marathon.  It’s a journey filled with challenges and moments when you ask, “Why am I still doing this?”  It can be brutal because of the emotional and spiritual battles that take place.  While youth ministry is grueling it’s still rewarding.

To stick around and witness those rewards you need to know how to last in youth ministry.  That means doing a few small things and not neglecting the essentials.  To last in youth ministry you need to:

How To Recover After A Long Weekend

Walked into my house.  Went up to the bedroom.  Laid on the bed.  I was out.  After a weekend with 2000 teenagers (50 from my own) in Steubenville, Ohio I needed to recover.

You are going to have days, weekends and even weeks that drain you.  Positive or negative it doesn’t matter you need to recover.  The temptation might be to grind it out.  Or you might feel like hibernating.  But to truly recover after a long weekend you need to make sure you:

How To Deal With Disappointment

I didn’t have to open the email to know what it was going to say.  The parents hadn’t heard from their child’s mentor for a couple of weeks.  I was anticipating disappointment and there it was:

Chris, I hate to do this but I’ve just realized I’ve got too much on my plate right now.  I can’t commit to serving in the ministry.”

Anger followed the disappointment and I found myself wondering: