Does Leading Youth Ministry Get Easier Over Time?

How to Respond When That Question Enters Your Mind

Maybe you ask this question after a rough encounter with a parent.  Maybe you wonder this thought after an evening where nothing went according to plan.  It’s a question I’ve heard asked countless amounts of times.


Does youth ministry get easier over time?

It does and it doesn’t.  In some areas it should and then in other areas it shouldn’t.  The first step to approaching that question is to:

How To Turn It Off

4 Practices That Will Help You Build Margin And Find Rest

Youth ministry can easily become a 24/7 operation.  Office hours are filled with planning and organizing.  Then there are the meetings and if you throw in being “on call” if a parent or teen needs you life can get crazy quickly.  But, that’s not healthy.

A healthy youth ministry has a healthy youth minister.  A healthy youth minister is someone who is rested, refreshed and ready to go.  To find that rest, peace of mind and build margin you need to learn how to turn it off by:

Is Your Family Ready For You To Work In The Church?

3 Sacrifices Your Family Should Be Aware They Are Making

Balancing a family and professional ministry is difficult.  As a youth minister you are constantly missing out on family gatherings, bed time and pivotal moments.  The question that haunts your mind is, “Is this worth it?”

Overtime you might get accustomed to the sacrifice, but is your family?  It’s a scary questions but one that needs to be addressed.  While there is a variety of sacrifices there are 3 that I’ve learned cannot be over communicated are:

What To Do When Ministry Knocks You Down

4 Steps To Avoid Feeling Like A Punching Bag

You ever feel like a punching bag?  Maybe it’s after a parent has just torn you apart, the pastor isn’t happy with your progress or a teen literally punched you.  You want to fight back, but you just don’t know how.

The balance between humility and humiliation can sometimes be blurry.  You want to embrace the struggle that comes with church ministry, but the emotional, mental and sometimes physical pain can be too much.

When To Walk Away From Your Church

5 Steps To Help You Decide

You don’t have to work in ministry long enough to know that there will be some really rough moments.  It’s during those moments when you might consider leaving.

But, is it the right decision?  Going through that discernment is difficult but necessary.  Anytime you feel tired, burned out or jaded you need to process the situation.