Teaching Your Teens About Tithing

3 Reasons Why You Need To Make This A Priority

Anytime you do something different you are guaranteed feedback.  When we started an offertory at our high school worship program the feedback we got was not initially positive.

There was confusion as to why we were asking teens to give, when they don’t have a regular income.  Talking to teens about tithing might seem disingenuous but the reality is that it’s essential.  The reason you need to teach your teens about tithing is because:

How To Decide Between Family And Work

There will be times when you are going to have to choose between family and ministry. Sometimes it’s obvious, but then there are those times when you just don’t know.

If you love your family and love your job there will be times when choosing between the two is tough. There are demands for your time, and attention, which can be overwhelming. The only way to navigate through those decisions is by:

5 Guardrails All Youth Ministers Need

There are times when I wake up on a Friday and wonder, “Did we have high school ministry last night or did I go clubbing?”  Youth ministry can be exhausting and as I get older I realize it can be a drain.

As a youth minister you’ll be emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally  pushed.  And, if you aren’t guarding yourself it’ll burn you out.  To properly guard against the grind you need to make sure you:

What You Need To Do To Get The Year Started Right

Kickoff to the year is close.  As we get ready for another year of ministry at Church of the Nativity I can’t help but wonder, “Are we really ready?”

It’s a hard question to answer and you won’t really know the answer until you’ve started.  But, in the meantime it takes more than just planning curriculum.  To get the year started right you need to make sure you are:

How To Jump Back In After Being Away

Everyone loves vacation, but jumping back into the office afterwards is another story.  All that waits are feelings of dread.  But, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Jumping back in doesn’t have to be painful.  Instead of worrying about what awaits, approach it with a plan.  To make sure you jump in right be sure to: