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Is Your Family Losing Out On Your Ministry?


If you had to walk away from ministry to save your family would you? Before you quickly respond think about it. Is the line clear? Probably not, I know because I’ve been there.

Walking away from ministry for your family is difficult because it might be something you love. It’s something that you might have been doing before you got married and had kids. But, you know it’s time to walk away when: Read More

Are You Making Yourself Lonely?


You can see the pain in their eyes. They love what they are doing but feel like they are on an island all by themselves. One of the biggest challenges I see youth ministers face is loneliness.

It’s something we can all battle. Whether you are a parent, leader or working in the trenches of church ministry loneliness can eat at you. But, what if it was all in your head? Read More

The Simple Trap That Could Derail Your Ministry’s Success

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I sometimes hate social media. When I’m looking at Instagram or Facebook and come across another youth ministry’s feed I find myself combatting an emotion I’m embarrassed to admit. JEALOUSY.

But, the problem isn’t social media. It’s something deeper and can be a big obstacle that holds back your potential to lead the next generation. That problem stems from something called  Read More

How To Avoid Burning Out


Youth ministry is a nonstop machine that continuously demands a lot. Parents want you to help them reach their kids, teens need someone to hear them and then there are all those duties assigned by the pastor.

It’s a lot of work, but it can be a lot of fun. The problem is when the fun runs out. Instead of being a joyful leader you find yourself longing for the grind to stop. The temptation is to blame others when the reality is that your: Read More

Happy Memorial Day

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Memorial Day isn’t just a day we remember those who died for our country. It’s a day where we can reflect on the wonderful blessings that sacrifice can bring.

On this Memorial Day, it’s important to embrace those few precious things we take for granted. These are the things that help us do our job and share the Gospel with the next generation and their families. This Memorial Day be thankful for: Read More

Is Your Ministry Feeling Stuck?

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You’ve tried everything and nothing changes. You’ve changed your program times and invested in new content but the results are the same. People aren’t showing up, no one is committing to serve and you are stuck. What once was your dream job has now just become a job.

There will be moments when ministry feels like work and that’s okay. The reality is there are seasons of growth and pruning. But, those seasons where you feel stuck can feel like torture. When that happens it’s important to: Read More

Why You Might Feel A Little Burnt Out


When do you get time off? Are you just coming off a break wondering, “When’s the next one coming along?” If you are constantly tired and feeling like the workload is endless you might be on the verge of burnout.

You want to address the burnout because you really do deep down inside enjoy doing what you are doing. The problem is you constantly feel: Read More

How You Can Change Things Up This Lent


What are you giving up this Lent?  That seems to be the question most people ask during this time of year.  But, is that the right question?

What if there were different questions we needed to ask this season?  What if the focus were a little different?  What if the questions we needed to ask were: Read More

How To Survive The Trenches Of Ministry

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If you feel drained, it’s normal.  Working for the church is draining but it can also be fulfilling.  You just need to know how to heal anytime you have been scarred.

While the temptation might be to grab a bag of chips, watch a Sylvester Stallone movie and then eat a bowl of ice cream (Okay, maybe that’s just me), there are better ways to recover from the pain and endure the journey by: Read More

Will You Make It To Christmas?


Thanksgiving is over and now it’s that sprint before Christmas.  During a time of so much to-do’s it’s easy to dance with burn out and find yourself exhausted.  But, what if that didn’t have to be the case?


During our busiest seasons it’s easy to get disorganized and allow the inboxes fill up.  It’s during a time when you wonder, “Is this really worth it?”  To avoid burnout and really get the most out of this season: Read More