Starting Youth Ministry From Scratch


Starting out in youth ministry was difficult; however, I was in a good situation.  My predecessor was still on staff and able to walk me through my first year.  There was public support from the pastor and a group of volunteers committed to invest in the next generation.  While I didn’t have to start from the beginning there were a few things I had to do over, rethink and restructure.

Starting a youth ministry from scratch can be a challenge.  So can revamping a preexisting one.  You will have to battle feelings of isolation.  There will be voices telling you that youth ministry is not important.  You will feel like no one cares.  Those are all lies and your first fight is to battle those voices and cast vision.  After that it’s about building (or rebuilding) your youth ministry, which means: Read More

Before You Start Something New


Last night we started something new.  We launched a young adult ministry gathering called Hanging Out that looks to walk with young people from adolescence into adulthood.  The turnout was positive, the night flowed well and what took a lot of timing and planning got started on the right foot.  Where it will go?  Only God only knows and we cannot wait to find out.

Courtesy of pobre.ch/Creative Commons License

Courtesy of pobre.ch/Creative Commons License

It takes a lot of courage to get start a new ministry, project or program. There are so many obstacles; however, with the right type of preparation can build the momentum your ministry needs.  When you do something new you create new opportunities, environments and relationships for teens to grow in Christ.  But you need a plan.  Before you start something new be sure to: Read More