What You Need To Do To Help Teens Show Up

6 Steps To Increase Interest And Engagnement

I’m starting over and it’s a humbling experience. I’ve been at my new job for less than a year and fall programming is right around the corner. The big question that looms in my mind is “Will anyone show?”

Will teenagers show up to the program if I don’t require them to be there? Will anyone want to come back if it doesn’t meet their expectations?

Why Youth Small Groups Are So Important

5 Reasons To Start Them In Your Youth Ministry

Want to know why a teenager will come back to your youth ministry? It’s because they feel connected and known. The best way to build that connection is with small groups.

Small groups are one of the most effective structures your youth ministry can embrace. If you really want to have an impact on a teenagers life you need to invest make them an intricate part of your ministry because small groups:

Is Your Ministry Financially Responsible?

2 Big Strategies To Help Teens Win With Money

If someone were to give you $10,000 for your ministry would you know how to use it? What would you spend it on and how would it improve your ministry? While this scenario rarely happens it’s one that we should know how to answer.

While no one gets into youth ministry to manage finances it does play an important role. If a youth ministry has a healthy relationship with money then it can continue to build healthy disciples. To make your ministry financially responsible you need to:

How To Help Teens Share Their Faith

4 Tips To Build Confidence In Your Teen's Evangelization Strategy

For a long time, I would struggle to get any new teens to come to my ministry. Anyone who was new was just coming up through the ranks but hardly anyone came from the outside community. All we were was a youth ministry for insiders.

If you want your youth ministry to grow and have an impact on the community you need to encourage and challenge teens to go out share their faith. Sounds simple, but it can be intimidating that’s why you need to:

Are You Confident With Your Budget?

Who You Need To Help You Be A Budget Ministry Boss

How satisfied are you with your budget for the upcoming fiscal year? If you are like me it’s one of the more stressful tasks you take on as a youth minister. But, it’s something we have to do because a healthy budget is a huge part of a healthy ministry.


If you aren’t a money or numbers person it can be very overwhelming. I’m one of those people that look at spreadsheets and the screen blurs. If you want to gain more confidence and own your budget like a boss then you are going to have to: