Are The Teens In Your Ministry Just Another Number?

3 Ways To Make Them Something More Valuable

No one wants to be a number.  It’s impersonal and doesn’t give a person the value they deserve.  While there is pressure to grow your numbers, it’s important not to lose sight that the numbers have names.

The reason a teenager will come back each week is to feel valued and known.  That might seem overwhelming in a large setting, but it’s possible.  To keep the focus on the person and still grow the numbers you need to:

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Youth Ministry

Have you hit that point where you can put you can sit down, put your feet up and watch your ministry grow disciples of Jesus Christ?  No?  Well, you aren’t alone.

Building a youth ministry isn’t an easy task.  It takes time but it also means putting together a strategic plan.  Whether you are building a youth ministry from scratch or rebuilding a current program you need to make sure you avoid these 5 mistakes:

Why Small Groups Need To Be A Part Of Your Ministry

And How To Get Them Started

Events for youth can be fun; however, they can also be completely exhausting.  You put in a lot of work recruiting volunteers, advertising to the community and putting together logistics.  Despite the results you can be left wondering, “Is this worth it?”

If you want your youth ministry to grow at a healthy pace then you need to invest in small groups.  The reason small groups are important to the success of your youth ministry is because:

Making Confirmation More Than Graduation

What You Need To Simplify And Clarify

It’s the greatest potential to unleash disciples and it can be the biggest headache too.  Preparation for confirmation is an opportunity to helping the next generation go deeper; however, it’s too often treated like a graduation.

Instead of seeing it as a next step in a relationship with God it’s seen as the end to a complicated requirement in religious education.  You and I know it needs to be more, but that isn’t always clear.  And that’s because we need to:

Simplify Your Recruiting Strategy For Volunteers

2 Approaches To Consistently Get The Help You Need

If you had more people you could do more, right?  Finding enough people to run our programs, and grow our ministry seems like an unending problem, it seems so complicated.

BUT, it doesn’t have to be.  In fact finding volunteers, recruiting them and getting them on board can be quite simple.