Rebuilding Confirmation

Because We Need More Than Another Graduation

When did we go wrong when it came to Confirmation preparation?  Instead of treating it like a commissioning it’s become a graduation for most people.  Confirmation preparation needs a makeover.


On January 27th, 2017 my newest book Rebuilding Confirmation (Ave Maria Presswill be released.  While the book doesn’t have all the answers to fixing Confirmation preparation it’s goal is to start the conversation on what needs to change.

Growing Your Ministry Numbers

7 Practical Steps That Require No Magic

It’s that pressure that plagues every youth minister.  It’s the question we ask; yet, hate to answer.  The question, “How many teens attend your ministry?” is seen as a youth ministry faux pas.


Why does that question urk us?  It’s because that number can be used to judge our effectiveness.  Numbers do have their place and while no number will satisfy us what we are really after is growth.  Instead of worrying about the bottom line we need to focus on:

Building A Young Adult Ministry

Why This Age Group Is So Important To The Future Of Your Parish

How confident are you that your teens will continue to grow in their faith after high school?  It’s a scary question because the answer forces us to evaluate our ministry’s effectiveness.


At the same time the responsibility to grow next generation disciples doesn’t just fall on the youth ministry. It’s a church wide effort because you cannot guarantee people will come back when they get married or have kids.  To bridge the gap you need to:

Where Does Technology Belong In Your Ministry?

5 Factors To Consider Before You Decide To Use it

I was so excited about the new powerpoint game I had just downloaded.  I had visions of teens laughing, crying and cheering as we played the game.  The night was supposed to end with them hoisting me on their shoulders shouting, “Chris, thanks for changing my life!”


Needless to say the game failed.  There was some sort of error and issues with compatibility.  As I tried to correct the error I sweat with panic.  I thought to myself, “If I don’t get this game going the night’s ruined.”  I don’t think Jesus would have agreed with me.

How To Know If You Are Making An Impact

3 Tips To Evaluating Your Ministry's Health and Growth

I don’t know about you but I have weeks where it feels like it’s over even before I get a chance to breathe.  It’s during those times when I feel most overwhelmed.  I wonder, “Am I doing enough?” and “Am I making a difference?”


If you’ve been there you aren’t alone and it’s the trap that busyness will place on you.  To combat that feeling and really know whether or not you are doing enough you need to: