The Rebuilt Parish Association: Are You A Member?

3 Reasons Why You Should Join The Community

To do ministry for the long haul you need the right resources and people who are going to walk with you.  That’s why I want to tell you about the Rebuilt Parish Association from Church of the Nativity.


The Rebuilt Parish Association is designed to grow disciples by helping other churches grow disciples.  It’s a brand new resource from my parish the church that brought you Rebuilt and the Matter Conference.  Three reasons you should seriously consider this resource for your parish or ministry is because it’s:

What I Learned On My Trip To Haiti

5 Pillars That Will Make Any Missions Trip Successful

This past Friday I returned from Haiti with a group of adults and students.  It was our church’s first intergenerational international missions trip.  It was also the largest group we had ever taken.  But, despite all these firsts it was a huge success.


One of the reasons the trip was so successful is because of the hard work put in by Brian Crook and our Missions Department at Nativity.  As one of the participants (And point person for the youth) it was clear that the success was due to the leadership understanding that:

How To Create More Margin In Your Schedule

4 Disciplines That Will Give You More Time

A thought that comes across our mind constantly is, “If I had more time I could…”  It’s a frustrating thought because you aren’t sure how to find that time because you are so consumed with everything else.

But, what if it was possible to add more time to your schedule?  What if you could increase your capacity so that you could do more and reach more teenagers?  It’s possible and quite simple.  It starts by:

The Most Effective Way To Recruit Volunteers

6 Simple Steps To Remove The Stress From Finding Volunteers Last Minute

Whether you need volunteers in a few months or a matter of minutes there is always stress associate with recruiting volunteers.  The good news is that doesn’t have to be the case.

The SECRET IS TO HAVE A STRATEGY and it doesn’t have to be complicated.  If you want to effectively and successful recruit volunteers you need to:

How To Handle A Hectic Schedule

4 Tips To Go From Doing To Succeeding

There are weeks where I have to seriously think hard about what I’ve accomplished.  It’s almost like I walk into the office on Monday and all of a sudden I’m in meeting, answering phone calls and working hard to only feel like I barely survived.

If you aren’t careful it’s easy to work more hours and accomplish nothing.  It’s a trap that everyone inside and outside of ministry faces.  To get out of the rut of DOING and move towards SUCCEEDING.  You need to make sure you: