Are Teenagers Returning To Your Ministry?

4 Simple strategies that will increase your attendance.

Do you ever get excited seeing someone new walk in the door of your youth ministry?  You feel like your seeing a long lost relative.  Then you panic when they leave at the end of the night wondering, “Are they coming back?” 

We all want consistency in our ministry because it creates a healthy foundation to go and grow deeper.  To achieve consistency means creating a ministry where students feel loved and connected.  It means providing:

How To Find A Theme For Your Next Message Series or Retreat

6 Steps to help you form a solid plan

You desperately search the Internet for the theme of your next retreat or message series.  You stare at the blank screen hoping something will emerge.  All you get is NOTHING.

Developing a theme for the next message series or retreat can be a frustrating experience.  Capturing the attention of the teenagers and taking them to a deeper level at the same time isn’t always easy.  Fortunately, discovering a dynamic team doesn’t take magic, it takes developing a process where you:

When To Kick A Student Out Of Your Ministry

5 Steps To Deal With The Really Disruptive Teens

You talk to the kid before, after and during program.  Nothing you do seems to stop him from being a distraction.  You hate to admit but sometimes wish he just didn’t show up.  That’s normal.

There will be disruptions in youth ministry.  You are not alone and that’s because youth ministry is messy.  You deal with teens and you deal with life, it will get out of control.  But, you can’t ignore the problem because:

Why Confirmation Preparation Is Broken

And The 3 Systems That Need To Change

Last week Church of the Nativity hosted the Matter Conference.  In my breakout Commissioning the Next Generation I was asked, “What do you do to prevent teenagers from walking away from church after Confirmation?”

While we have not fixed the program we’ve realized that there are some systems that have needed to change.  By changing the systems we are giving people clarity and setting them up for a more enriching experience.  The three systems we’ve addressed that have caused the biggest impact are:

How To Set Your Schedule

5 Practical Steps to Avoid Doing Ministry Minute to Minute

One of the hardest things for me to learn in youth ministry was how to set a schedule.  Busy seasons would turn into the norm and instead of feeling excited about what I do I grew tired and resentful.

I know I’m not alone, it’s something I hear from youth ministers I talk to regularly.  Setting a schedule is difficult and if you don’t set one yourself someone is going to set it for you.  If you are feeling like your schedule is a little crazy (Or doesn’t exist) make sure you start: