How To Create More Margin In Your Schedule

4 Disciplines That Will Give You More Time

A thought that comes across our mind constantly is, “If I had more time I could…”  It’s a frustrating thought because you aren’t sure how to find that time because you are so consumed with everything else.

But, what if it was possible to add more time to your schedule?  What if you could increase your capacity so that you could do more and reach more teenagers?  It’s possible and quite simple.  It starts by:

The Most Effective Way To Recruit Volunteers

6 Simple Steps To Remove The Stress From Finding Volunteers Last Minute

Whether you need volunteers in a few months or a matter of minutes there is always stress associate with recruiting volunteers.  The good news is that doesn’t have to be the case.

The SECRET IS TO HAVE A STRATEGY and it doesn’t have to be complicated.  If you want to effectively and successful recruit volunteers you need to:

How To Handle A Hectic Schedule

4 Tips To Go From Doing To Succeeding

There are weeks where I have to seriously think hard about what I’ve accomplished.  It’s almost like I walk into the office on Monday and all of a sudden I’m in meeting, answering phone calls and working hard to only feel like I barely survived.

If you aren’t careful it’s easy to work more hours and accomplish nothing.  It’s a trap that everyone inside and outside of ministry faces.  To get out of the rut of DOING and move towards SUCCEEDING.  You need to make sure you:

How To Start A Strong Small Group Program

6 Steps That Will Build A Solid and Scalable Foundation

Small groups work.  They are where life change happens.  Small groups are the place where teens form life long relationships.  Small groups are the reason teenager will come back.  That’s if you do them right.

While there is a lot of great small group content available it’s not always clear how to build the program. If you are looking to start or adjust a current small group ministry you need to make sure you:

The 4 Keys To A Dynamic Confirmation Program

How to Create A More Enrichening Experience

Confirmation preparation isn’t always a process people want to embrace.  While it’s an important part of the Catholic (and other denominations) faith formation it’s often filled with consumeristic demands and requirements that can make it a logistical nightmare for both parents, teens and parish employees.

The solution?  Is to change your perspective as the leader.  Instead of hesitating and going into the program reluctantly you need to embrace it and make sure you aren’t just going through the motions.  To build a dynamic Confirmation preparation it’s not just about the content, it’s also about: