What Every Youth Minister Needs To Build Confidence

My confidence was shot.  My first run, after passing out in the marathon, was a scary experience.  I didn’t know whether or not to believe the doctors when they said that I would be fine.  I felt awkward and anxious with each step. 

It took several weeks to build back my confidence.  I was told my situation was caused by dehydration, but in my mind I thought it was much worse.  To build back confidence I literally had to take each run one step at a time.

In youth ministry you are going to face situations where your confidence is tested.  You might deal with:

How To Deal With Disappointment

I didn’t have to open the email to know what it was going to say.  The parents hadn’t heard from their child’s mentor for a couple of weeks.  I was anticipating disappointment and there it was:

Chris, I hate to do this but I’ve just realized I’ve got too much on my plate right now.  I can’t commit to serving in the ministry.”

Anger followed the disappointment and I found myself wondering:

How To Increase Your Salary

Money can stress me out.  I don’t like that it does, but when something breaks or a life change that involves money happens, I can freak out.  I love ministry, but life is expensive and there have been times when I’ve wondered, “Is this really worth it?”

It’s no secret that a youth minister’s salary is nothing to brag about.  But, money isn’t why you got into youth ministry.  You got involved 

Bring Your Leadership To A New Level

Two, then three and then four years would pass by and I was frustrated.  I was frustrated because I wondered, “When would we arrive?” Meaning, when would we be a top-level ministry that could go into cruise control?  It would take another year before I knew the answer.

The answer is that you never “ARRIVE” in fact your ministry.  The same goes when it comes to your leadership.  Both should constantly be growing.  If you think you’ve arrived then you’ll only be in a state of denial.  If you stay at that level your ministry will eventually breakdown and die.  To keep it moving to a new level you need to focus on your leadership and:

When Your Pastor Chews You Out

No one, especially my pastor, likes to be caught off guard.  Surprises allow emotions to take over and it causes the situation to grow complex.  When my pastor had to learn from a separate source that I lost money on a fundraiser, he definitely showed and expressed his disappointment.

It was a difficult moment.  One where I wanted to cry, yell and hide.  Instead I just stood there as he chewed me out.  That night I didn’t know how I was going to move on from that moment.  Fortunately, the next day was a new day and it was new beginning.  He and I were able to resolve the situation and move forward.

It’s not easy when your boss chews you out.  Not sure if you are defensive, but fighting back isn’t the way to go.  Maybe you just take it like a sponge, but holding on too long will break you apart.  When you get chewed or called out by your leader the best thing to do is: