What a Real Student Leader Looks Like

4 Steps To Get The Most Out Of Your Teenage Leaders

Close your eyes and imagine walking into your church on a Sunday morning. As you walk in you are greeted by teenagers with warm smiles. They are serving alongside adults creating a welcoming environment for all those seeking something more.

It might feel like a pipe dream but getting the next generation to serve at a high level in your church is doable. It takes time but the investment is something that will change your church’s direction. To develop real student leaders you need to first:

How To Boost Your Ministry Numbers

3 Areas To Focus Your Attention And Get Results

How many teens attend your ministry? It’s a question we love to ask and hate to answer. It’s a comparison trap that can create insecurity and jealousy. No matter the number we’re always desiring MORE.

And that’s okay. You should want more teens to attend your ministry because it means that you have the opportunity to reach more with the Gospel. The challenge is growing the ministry and sustaining those numbers. If you want to boost your numbers you have to remember:

Your First 5 Steps To Building A Youth Ministry From Scratch

Over three months ago I decided to start over in youth ministry. I started working at a parish with great leadership, a wonderful staff; however, there had been a significant gap in youth ministry.

What that meant was starting from the ground up. No problem, right? If you are starting out in youth ministry or trying to rebuild the one that you have it’s important to take these 5 STEPS:

What You Should Be Looking For In A Youth Minister

5 Areas that should be a part of every church's recruiting strategy

When a church reaches out to me to help them find their next youth minister a common concern emerges. The don’t want to hire someone who is going to get OVERWHELMED EASILY and LEAVE TOO SOON.

Honestly, I can’t blame them. A church needs stability with their youth ministry because the life of a teenager is not. If you want to find the right person you need a recruitment strategy.  According to Monster.com  your recruitment strategy should address the following 5 areas:

What To Do When Your Youth Ministry Grows Stale

3 Exercises To Get Your Volunteers Enthusiastic About The Vision

We all have those seasons in ministry when it feels like no matter how hard we work nothing seems to change.  It’s a defeating feeling that leaves you wondering, “What have I accomplished?”


If your youth ministry feels like it’s grown stale or is sluggish, it’s time to look at your vision.  If your ministry has lost site of the vision it’s time for you, and your volunteers to fall back in love with it.  And you can do it by: