Why Your Ministry Needs Crowd Ministers

4 Reasons they make your ministry better

The backbone of our student ministry is small groups. It’s where teens feel connected and are able to go deeper in their faith.  While small group leaders are essential they wouldn’t be successful without crowd ministers.

What are crowd ministers?  They are the men and women who extend your capability as a manager.  With them you’ll be able to create environments and opportunities for teens to grow.  They are the men and women who:

Why Volunteers Will Leave Your Ministry

5 Crucial Areas To Address To Reduce Turnover

Volunteers will leave.  It’s a reality of our ministry and no matter the reason it always hurts.  However, the part that haunts us the most is not knowing why.

Life will happen, obstacles will get in the way and people will leave; however, if you want to know the why and reduce the rate of turnover in your ministry you need to address these 5 Crucial Areas:

Does Everyone On Your Team Have Your Back?

5 Steps Every Leader Should Take To Address Disloyalty


You can’t do ministry on your own, you need a team.  But, what happens when you feel like someone on your team doesn’t have your back?

The only thing worst than doing ministry on your own is running it with a team that you feel like is disloyal and undermining.  If you ignore it, it will only grow and eventually take you out of the game.  To address it you need to:

Training Your Volunteers Shouldn’t Be Complicated

3 Tips To Simplify How You Equip Your Team

Training is something we want to provide for all of our ministers.  The problem is that putting together a training event can feel overwhelming and complicated.

Why is it complicated?  It’s because we want people to come, get the most out of it and use what we give them.  The pressure to not waste and give them something substantial is paralyzing.  In the end it’s easier to do nothing.  But, it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

The 2 Most Important Things You Should Give Every Volunteer

Building a team of volunteers takes work, but keeping them around is a whole different challenge.  Why they leave could depend on a variety of reasons, but why they stay is due to two:


As a leader you have to give your team both of these things.  And the great part is that giving them to your volunteers isn’t rocket science.  In fact it’s quite simple.  To show your team purpose and gratitude: