How To Get Uninterested Adults Serving The Next Generation

5 Action Steps To Help You Become A Power Recruiter

When I ask youth ministers what’s one of the biggest challenges they face most of them say, “RECRUITING ADULTS TO SERVE.” Some of them sound so disheartened and ask me, “How do you get people who are uninterested involved?”


Recruiting volunteers takes work, but it’s not impossible work.  In fact the process of recruiting can actually be fruitful.  Not only will you build up your team, but learn a lot about your ministry.  To get uninterested adults involved in your ministry you need to:

Create A Culture Of Recruiting Volunteers

4 Steps To Help You Close The Deal With Potential Volunteers

Are you thinking about volunteers right now?  Probably not as much as you were a few months ago.  And that’s natural because the urgency kicks in right around the beginning of programs or right before a big event.


Should you be thinking about volunteers right now?  Definitely.  Believe it or not the right time to recruit volunteers is now.  You aren’t consumed with launching anything new and people aren’t wrapped up in the middle of a transitional season.  But, before you send out a email blast to recruit more people consider a more personal approach and that starts with:

How To Handle Turnover In Your Ministry

Steps to Keep Them and Steps to Help Them Leave

I wish I could tell you that I’ve had a 100% retention rate for volunteers in my ministry.  I wish I could tell you that people have only left because of positive reasons.  That would be a lie.


People will leave your ministry and it hurts when they do.  You might want to take it personally but the truth is there are many reasons.  But, is it possible to avoid turnover?  

Recruiting And Training Volunteers To Become Leaders

Summer Ministry Vlog Week 2016 #SMVWeek16

Recruiting and training volunteers can be a tough task.  In this video blog Chris talks about some of the things he’s learned over the years.  This video post is a part of the Summer Ministry Vlog Week 16 #SMVWeek16.

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Who To Recruit For Your Core Team

3 Questions You Have To Ask Every Potential Leader

Every ministry is meant to grow.  As more volunteers, teens and opportunities cross your plate so does the need to build a leadership team.

Your leadership team is a group of people who are not only willing to sacrifice time but take your ministry to a new level.  To know who needs to be on your core leadership team depends on how they answer the following questions: