How To Get Volunteers In A Dying Parish

4 Steps to Take to Be Successful

A fellow youth worker once said to me, “Chris, it’s easy to get volunteers when your church is thriving but how can you do that when it’s dying?”

Finding volunteers in a dying or thriving parish is challenging; however, not impossible.  The only way it could be possible is if literally every Sunday not a single person walks into your church building.  To recruit volunteers in a dying parish is possible, you just need to:

How To Grow Volunteers Into Leaders

There was a point in my ministry when I had plenty of volunteers; however, the ministry wasn’t growing.  The problem was a lack of leadership.  People would do what I asked, but never take it to the next level.

While it might be easy to blame your ministers for never taking the reigns, the truth is you might be holding them back.  To take your volunteers to the next level of leadership you need to make sure you:

5 Steps To Ease In New Volunteers

Getting involved in youth ministry can be intimidating.  And if potential and new ministers walk in feeling uncomfortable they won’t want to return.

The solution is creating steps to help them ease into your program.  The more comfortable they feel the more confident they will become.  To help your new ministers build that confidence you need to:

4 Principles To Help You Move People To Action

Remember when communicating was simple?  If you wanted teens to come to an event you sent home a flyer.  If you wanted people to join your volunteer team you shot them an email.  Sadly, those days are long gone.

To get people to move and accept an invitation takes more than an email.  It takes a strategy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.  If you want to recruit more volunteers, invite more teens and get people on board with your vision you need to:

How To Get More From Your Volunteers?

Setting up tables, serving pizza and helping out with a trip is all good.  Volunteers are needed to create a safe environment, but as a youth minister you want healthy, you want vibrant and you want more.

Your team could give you more.  Your volunteer ministers are the people to bring your ministry to a new level.  To build that team takes faith that God will bring them along for the journey, but to get them to do more you need to: