3 Questions To Ask Before The Next Meeting

With the beginning of the fall season right around the corner it’s important to get everyone on the same page.  The tendency is to plan a slew of meetings, which isn’t the most attractive idea.

Meetings can be boring, long, pointless and a waste of time.  But, what if they didn’t have to be?  Before you start getting all of your leaders together to go through a list of to-do’s answer the following questions:

How To Find Committed Small Group Leaders

Life change happens in small groups.  But, small groups only work if you can find the right people.  People who will commit for the long haul.  It can almost feel impossible.

Youth ministers want to know the trick to finding committed small group leaders.  The reality is that there is no trick. It’s really just a few practical steps.  To find the right leaders you need to take initiative by:

Get The Most Out Of Your Volunteers

6 Action Steps Every Leader Should Take

Volunteers are key to the growth and health of your ministry.  It’s a challenge to recruit them and it’s another to get the most out of them.

Providing trainings and workshops are important, but if you want your volunteers to give more you need to dig deeper.  To maximize their potential it goes beyond just giving them a role and extends to:

6 Steps To Effective Meetings

So You Don't Waste People's Time

You’ve probably walked out of a meeting before thinking, “That was a waste of my time.”  The meeting either ran too long or lacked purpose.  You feel robbed of something precious.  Your time.

Meetings are not easy to run.  They take preparation and purpose.  Before you ask for people’s time you need to have a desired outcome.  To reach that desired outcome you need to:

What To Do With Disruptive Teens

It seems to always happen at the worst moment possible. You know the moment you want everyone tuned into God.  Maybe it’s during your message, or a quiet moment of prayer.  It’s during that time the disruption begins.  Teenagers.

In youth ministry there will always be disruptive teens.  The challenge of dealing with them can be overwhelming.  You don’t want to kick anyone out, but you need to make sure you protect everyone else’s experience.  Take on distractions in your ministry by: