What To Do When You Don’t Have Enough Volunteers To Run The Ministry You Want


I was recently speaking at a conference about building a team of dynamic volunteers when someone asked, “What do I do if I can’t get adults to serve as leaders in my youth ministry?”

It’s actually a question that I get often. It’s something that’s happened to me several times. When you don’t have the people to run the ministry you want then it’s time to Read More

3 Realities That Will Change The Way You Recruit Volunteers


Recruiting volunteers has to be a priority. And, if you expect emails, bulletin and pulpit announcements are going to do the job you’ll only find disappointment.

Too often we expect people to accept our invitation to serve simply by asking them. The problem is it’s not that easy. While the concept is simple there are at least 3 realities we need to embrace in order to ask people effectively. They are:  Read More

Why Disney Does Church So Well


Recently my family made the trip to Disney. It was the first time for my kids and the first time I had been since I was 8. I enjoyed myself just as much as I did when I was a kid; however, my experience was completely different.

As a kid I was caught up in the magic and wonder of the experience. As an adult I was not only amazed by the environments but the intentionality the park puts into creating life long memories. My experience sparked the question: Read More

What To Do When You Need Volunteers Quickly


Are you a month out from the beginning of fall programming? Maybe its only a week? Either way that last stretch of summer before the big kickoff can feel overwhelming especially when you are short on your most valuable resource…VOLUNTEERS!

Don’t worry you aren’t alone. After 13 years of youth ministry I still panic when it comes to this time of year. Even if I have ENOUGH it never feels that way. Instead of drowning in helplessness you need to become proactive. Whether you need 30 or just 1 more volunteer your first step should be to: Read More

How To Boost Your Ministry Numbers


How many teens attend your ministry? It’s a question we love to ask and hate to answer. It’s a comparison trap that can create insecurity and jealousy. No matter the number we’re always desiring MORE.

And that’s okay. You should want more teens to attend your ministry because it means that you have the opportunity to reach more with the Gospel. The challenge is growing the ministry and sustaining those numbers. If you want to boost your numbers you have to remember: Read More

How To Deal With Difficult Volunteers


We’ve all hit those moments of desperation where we’ll take anyone willing to give their time to serve in the ministry. Sadly this approach rarely works. In the end, instead of having a highly functioning team, we have problems that could have been avoided.

The long-term solution is to create a recruiting structure that prevents difficult volunteers from entering into your ministry. But, the reality is that most of us aren’t there yet and we need to deal with the troublemakers now. Read More

What’s Your Strategy For Getting Volunteers This Summer?


Summer brings different opportunities to your youth ministry. You can plan more trips and events. While people travel there is a little bit more flexibility. With that flexibility comes another opportunity: RECRUITING VOLUNTEERS

Outside of vacations, there aren’t a lot of commitments. Talking to people about getting involved doesn’t seem as stressful because people are little more laid back. To get people involved you nIf you don’t have one, no worries here are four approaches to effectively get people involved in your ministry:

Summer is also a time to get creative. So instead of throwing out another email. Try these four approaches that have worked for me: Read More