Take The Recklessness Out Of Your Day

Yesterday I feel like I defied death.  Okay maybe not death, but yesterday everything I did had to go perfectly or I was facing a big disaster.  From 9am – 6:30pm I had to shop for a cookout, prep for that cookout, practice a message with the pastor, help a student with her testimony, drive my wife and son to the airport, drive back to the church, record the message I had practiced with the pastor, cook the food for the cookout and serve the food.  Basically there was no break in the day it was just go, go and go.
How did I survive? God’s grace.  I did have a plan; but, I was reckless because I didn’t give myself margin.
Margin is what gives us breathing room, time to dream, vision cast and take risks.  Without margin we’ll drive ourself towards burnout and mess up without room to rebound.  Margin gives us pace.  So how do you build margin?

  • Schedule It Work on a weekly calendar and write it down.
  • Accountable Relationships – Give someone in your life permission to tell you that you are doing too much.  
  • Establish A Closing Time – When you give yourself an end time to your day, believe it or not you give yourself margin.  By having a starting time and an ending time you’ll know how much to fit into your day.

Establishing margin is something you need to consistently revisit.  Depending on how busy you find yourself you might need to check in monthly or weekly.  You can never assume that once you’ve established margin that it’s going to stay.

How do you establish margin?