Thanks A Lot, Now I Have to Change!

As I was closing up tonight I ran into two seniors just hanging in the parking lot, asked them if they were okay and had rides, which they did. So I asked them what they were up to and they told me they didn’t have school tomorrow but wanted to hang out. I suggested what I did as a teenager which was hang out at a diner…they said that was probably their default, but wanted to do something new…I then suggested the movies. They told me that was their initial plans but then after hearing the message and doing the activities they decided it wasn’t a wise investment of their money.
That’s funny, don’t know why I didn’t expect that? Maybe it’s because I sometimes believe the lie of the evil one telling me, students don’t listen or care about the crap you teach. Maybe it’s because money is never that taboo subject that gossip columns write about…at least money in a God honoring way. I had fears about doing this money series in a workshop format; however, I believe it’s really challenging the students to think, I think they are really starting to think about whether or not to take finances seriously. It’s a tough sell, it’s not exactly the most popular faith subject for adults. But as Dave Ramsey says, “If you want to live like no one else, then you are going to have to live like no one else now.” And I think that’s what the students are drawn to, a life that is a little less ordinary.