That Little Anxious Feeling

Just got back from NJ this afternoon and now I’m ready to walk into my evening. I’m pleased with the fact that I have time to blog with an hour before Ascent. But before I go out and speak to students there is still a part of me that feels a little anxious. I don’t know if that’s because I get stuck in the details and worry about something little go wrong, but nonetheless it’s annoying. I don’t now if there is something I haven’t replaced myself in or if I just don’t trust the systems I’ve set-up but this feeling has got to go away. Why worry…is it self doubt…is it a legit feeling…is it the devil? Well, whoever is causing this feeling, stop and leave my heart, because God is in the details, His plan will succeed.
After I get through today, I’ll take some time to look at my weekly schedule, make sure the margin in my life is still good, make sure that I’m working quality hours during the day. I just need to take some time to let God work in the details of my heart. That’s what makes me anxious…how about you?