The Book

I’ve recently signed a contract with Ave Maria Press to write a book about my learnings and journey in youth ministry.  It originally started as a compilation of posts from this blog; however, it evolved.  My pastor, Michael White and our associate Tom Corcoran wrote a book about making the local Catholic church matter entitled Rebuilt.  What my book looks to do is compliment their manuscript with a youth ministry perspective.


While I have 9 years of youth ministry under my belt, I know there is much still so much I have to learn.  With that said, I also feel like there is so much I need to share.  This book aims to share everything that I know.  Basically it is:

  1. A Reminder to other youth ministers that they are not alone in their journey
  2. A field guide filled with tools, tips and insights on how to face failure, build vision and live out the mission of God.
  3. My personal story, written by a guy who is in the trenches.

While my target audience is going to be Catholic youth ministers, I strongly believe anyone in youth ministry can benefit from this manuscript.  I want to thank all of you who take the time to check out this blog.  I’m very excited about this book and hope to give you more updates as it gets closer to completion.

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