The Key To Building Momentum In Your Youth Ministry

Every successful youth ministry builds momentum.  To have momentum takes planning, creativity and especially CONSISTENCY.

Too many ministries meet on an infrequent basis.  While you might create great moments your teens want something more.  A consistent ministry is one that focuses on:


A healthy youth ministry has healthy relationships.  Healthy relationships form when teenagers meet on a regular basis with the same people.  That doesn’t mean your ministry can’t grow.

The consistency in the relationship will create trust which leads to vulnerability.  If a teen feels like he or she has trust then they’ll allow the group more into their lives.


If you want something to stick you need to repeat it frequently. That doesn’t necessarily mean saying the same exact thing over and over again.  A consistent marketing plan takes creativity and clarity.

Make sure you are reaching out to your audiences using different mediums.  Do not settle on just relaying your message once.  Be creative with how you say things and keep looking at ways to grab their attention.


Your team is in the trenches and they need to be affirmed and love.  Your encouragement will let them know that they are appreciated.

Make sure you are consistently reaching out to your team.  Letting them know that they are doing a great job and keep showing your appreciation.  (For more on encouragement go HERE)


If you want people stepping up their game and taking your youth ministry to a new level they need to know the vision.  The only way they’ll know the vision is if you repeat it to them on a consistent basis.

Bring it up in meetings, share it over a cup of coffee and make sure your team shares it with others.  When people know where it is you want to take them, they are more likely to commit on a regular basis.

Consistency brings momentum and with that momentum you can have an impact.  Make sure you do not take anything for granted.  A consistent ministry is a healthy ministry because it knows God is consistently working in our lives.

Question:  How do you build consistency in your ministry?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.