The Others

Spent the day with other youth pastors. In the morning it was with Jason my buddy down in Severn and then in the afternoon it was with a few youth workers from the York Road Cooridor (That’s Towson – HuntValley, MD). I had every intention of making today a laid back day, a chance to recharge and that’s what happened. Things have been tense, a little hectic, but not bad, I just needed a day to step back. When I get together with these other youth pastor’s it’s not a complain fest, it’s an opportunity to share life, motivate and pray for one another.

I don’t know about other professions but it’s important to have a cohort or team that you can share life with. It’s important to have those people in your life who are going to lift you up, hear you out and help you walk with God in your ministry.