The Secret To Gaining Volunteers For Your Ministry

Getting volunteers for you ministry should be simple, right?  What if I told you it is as long as you don’t overcomplicate it.

The secret to gaining volunteers for your ministry is not really a secret.  It’s a simple strategy that begins with:


Potential volunteers rarely walk into your office during the week asking, “How do I get involved?”  You need to be present on the weekend and at church events.

Stand by the door.  Greet people as they leave.  Don’t be afraid to let people know who you are and what you do.  It’s the first step to getting the volunteers you need for your ministry.


It’s important to fight the desperation.  Granted you might need that person to say, “Yes.” right away, but recruiting a volunteer is more than finding help.  It’s about building a team that’s going to take your ministry to a new level.


People want a purpose and the only way you’ll help them find that purpose is by getting to know them.  You get to know them by:

  • Asking about what they do professionally.
  • Get to know why they started coming to your church.
  • Discover a little about their family and friends.
  • Try to unveil their interests and passions.

As you get to know them you’ll start to see different ways of using them in your ministry.  You’ll not only plug them into your ministry but put them in a place where they will accel.


There will be plenty of people interested in serving in your ministry, but do they buy into the vision?  If they buy into your vision they’ll commit for the long haul and help you take your ministry up a level.  But, to know if they are on board you need to:

  • Share with them the vision.
  • Ask them what pulls them into the ministry.
  • Learn about the people who have impacted them in their journey.

The more time you talk about the vision the more you’ll recognize whether or not they are a good fit for your team.


In the end, it’s all about asking them to take that next step to serve.  If you’ve spent the time getting to know them and understanding their gifts the ask should feel simple.

If you get a NO as your response don’t get discouraged.  Your investment in someone else is still worth it.  You’ve planted a seed that could blossom into an advocate for your ministry.

If you get a YES then you don’t need me to tell you how awesome that is.   Keep on meeting others, take your time getting to know them and ask them to get involved in something incredible.

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