The Simple Trap That Could Derail Your Ministry’s Success

I sometimes hate social media. When I’m looking at Instagram or Facebook and come across another youth ministry’s feed I find myself combatting an emotion I’m embarrassed to admit. JEALOUSY.

But, the problem isn’t social media. It’s something deeper and can be a big obstacle that holds back your potential to lead the next generation. That problem stems from something called THE COMPARISON TRAP.

You know you suffer from it when you see another ministry and think IF I ONLY HAD…

  • More Money
  • Better Space
  • Dedicated Volunteers
  • A Pastor Who Cared

And the list goes on. If you’ve ever felt that way then welcome to the club because you are human. While you are not alone it’s not a place you want to stay. If you want to avoid the comparison trap you need to:


The reason you want what others have is because you aren’t satisfied with what God has given you. That usually stems from a lack of trust.

To build back the trust try writing down what God has given you. Satan wants to cover up God’s gifts and a simple exercise like this combats that.

Remember God has you right where He needs you and He wants you to succeed. You just need to be reminded of that.


Most of the jealousy I’ve had over the years has been due to the fact that I don’t know the other person. I would make assumptions that the other church was being lead by jerks and engaging in shady activity.

As soon as I reached out and took the time to get to know them those feelings faded. If anything it created camaraderie and enabled me to grow and get better.

When we work with others it can bring the best out of us. We are reminded that we are on the same team reaching the same vision of helping teens grow in their faith.


Again, God has you right where He needs you. He’s commissioned your ministry to fulfill a specific purpose. Take time in prayer and meet with your team to answer the question, “Why do we exists?”

When you know that purpose it won’t matter what others are doing because you are confident with where you are going. For more on your youth ministry’s identity read HERE

Don’t let the comparison trap hold you back. Even if the other church is doing some shady to gain success let it go. The time and energy you waste will wear you out and prevent you from experiencing God’s blessings.

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