There’s No Peace on This Channel

I can be a television junky…in fact I think a lot of us can. I get into work pretty early, which allows me to leave most days at a time, where I can cook a home cooked meal and have plenty of quality time with family. Yesterday, like most days I went home, I cooked dinner and then I watched television…that’s not really quality time. I know it wasn’t quality because I watched reruns, then I watched a football game of which I had no interest of watching…and I had my laptop on during that time. My wife…she was in the room, watching television with me, she went to bed early, but I stayed up and watched the entirety of the game. Not a stressful evening right? But, for some reason I am still exhausted from last night’s events.
I’m not knocking television or the Internet but in the end it’s not refreshing. I never get off the computer, I never turn off the television and think to myself, “Wow, I’m so refreshed.” In fact, I’m a little restless. I’ve heard (I don’t remember where) that television is a stimulus and it’s one of the worst things to do before you go to bed. And it makes sense, your mind is being bombarded with messages, and images telling you this and that and this and that…then you start to think and worry about this and that and this and that.
When I belonged to a gym one of the things I enjoyed doing the best was working out before bed because it relaxed me. Another thing I enjoy doing before bed is cooking because that relaxes me too. It’s important to be at peace before we go to bed, because that’s how we get true rest…it’s like going on vacation with family and bringing work along…you’ll never truly enjoy the time because your mind is competing. I think this is why Adoration was so difficult for the students the other night. Even though they were quiet, it was a struggle for them and that was only for two 10 minute periods. In the end most of them enjoyed it because they were able to break through the awkwardness clear their mind, and allow God to work through them.
I know God has designed me to run and cook (among other things), but what I would suggest to you all that are following me is to find something that truly relaxes you and sets your mind and heart at peace. What puts your mind and heart at ease so that you can prepare for Christ this season?