Training Your Volunteers Shouldn’t Be Complicated

3 Tips To Simplify How You Equip Your Team

Training is something we want to provide for all of our ministers.  The problem is that putting together a training event can feel overwhelming and complicated.

Why is it complicated?  It’s because we want people to come, get the most out of it and use what we give them.  The pressure to not waste and give them something substantial is paralyzing.  In the end it’s easier to do nothing.  But, it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Before you spend hundreds of dollars and hours putting together an event to train your team consider:


Part of the pressure comes from coming with some type of profound training.  The reality is that most of your team need to know the basics and many of those can be done on the go.  Start by:

  • Making a list of all the things you do
  • Write them down in clear, and short sentences
  • Share them with another youth minister or leader and ask, “Is this clear?”

Then invite your team to shadow you or another leader.  Give them the list of tasks you’ve created and get them familiar with it.  Knowing the basics will give them the confidence to succeed.


One of the most important parts of ministry is serving on a team.  If people do not feel like they know one another then they won’t:

  • Problem solve together
  • Serve one another
  • Grow in their faith
  • Trust one another
  • Last in ministry for the long haul

No matter what topic you choose for your ministry training make sure there is a relational component.  In fact don’t be afraid to make most of it relational.   Look at incorporating icebreakers, games and even small group time for them to build trust.


Sometimes a training is a simple as sharing a book, podcast, MYM 5 Minute Thought or TED Talk with your team.  Send them the resource and then try to meet for a cup of coffee to discuss it further.  Make it casual and if you have to put together questions to lead the discussion.

By sharing with them resources that are fueling you it will inspire them to share resources that are fueling them.  Together as a team you’ll grow and go deeper.

Training doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact it should be fun.  Keep it simple, and make it relational.  A team that enjoys growing together is going to be one that can take on many different problems.

Question:  What are you doing to change the ways you train your volunteers?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.