Trying To Figure Out Student Leaders

First week back is coming to a close and tonight we kickoff our new student series Impact. Unfortunately for me there are a million ideas that I have for this series, whether or not they will be executed seems unlikely. It’s simply because we didn’t give ourselves enough time to organize them, put them together and make them happen. But, the one thing I do want to arise from this series is an organized group of student leaders. We will probably recruit the majority of this group through personal invitation; however, if a student comes up to me and says, “Chris, I want to be a student leader.” then they will definitely be considered. And, just to clarify a teen can still be a student leader and still not be a part of this team I want to put together.
I want a group of students who are not only involved in ministry, but are in a small group and make an active effort to bring friends to program (Resurrection/Uprising) and/or church. I want students who aren’t overly committed but will have time to meet with me or other point adult leaders to help guide us in how we do the things we do. I don’t necessarily want students who desire to be in the lime light, behind the scene workers would be just as good, but I want students who are humble, hard working and have a desire to be closer to God.
As I write this I realize there is a lot more to think about and process because I’m not doing justice to the description of a student leader. This will be a long term project, but I think our student ministry is reaching the point where certain teens are definitely stepping up and leading in a way that matches to our vision of Authentic. Consistent. Irresistible Ministry.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks God that he doesn’t require us to lead only on our own strength. He does provide us with more as he see us making an effort to follow Him. Being a leader comes one step at time, born from faith. Being a leader is not for wimps, remember what Pope John Paul II said “be not afraid”. It requires a strength that challenges you to make judgments based on God truth and to experience challenges so you can grow in the truth.