Wasting The Margin

I don’t know about you but I’m wiped. It’s been 4 weeks since I spoke at Uprising and when you give a message there is a lot of physical, spiritual and emotional energy that goes into it. This makes me nervous considering I won’t be speaking the next two weeks because of Thanksgiving and the week we get back is an Adoration service. The same has gone for my running, I haven’t ran in over a week and that’s like years in my books. When you don’t do something regular enough you can get yourself into a lethargic state. But one of the reasons it’s difficult for me to get up and running is because I don’t have a race to train for, I don’t have a goal, I’m wasting all this extra time I have. My tiredness in ministry is somewhat caused by a similar reason. Not having a deadline made it tough to do my regular schedule. I wasted a lot of my margin (I used some, I am ahead) because I didn’t have pressing deadlines, and I risked risk falling behind.
When given margin, you still need to incorporate that into your schedule…but it’s tempting to use it all up. It’s like a budget, when you get something a little extra, it’s a little tempting to spend it all without thinking…because it’s extra and you feel as if you didn’t need it before, so what’s the big deal if you just blow it. In reality the little extra time and money we are given is a gift from God, He still wants you to use it, but use it wisely. The best thing we can do is give it all to God. Extra time, use it to grow your relationship with God, extra money, give to God.
My goal right now is that I need to return to my original schedule and set mini and major goals. And when I’ve achieved those goals it’s important to come up with the next one. And then when I get a little extra margin, give it to God. God doesn’t want me to wander along the path, He wants me to head towards His vision.