What I’ve Learned In The Last Year

How Writing A Book Has Changed The Way I Do Ministry

A year ago my life changed.  A life long goal of writing a book had been accomplished when Rebuilding Youth Ministry was released.  While I’ve been pleased with how it’s been received I never knew it would change the way I do ministry.

When you put your work out there for the public to see it immediately gets evaluated, and picked a part.  People you’ve never met will judge the way you do ministry and if you aren’t careful it can eat you alive.

At first it was a little jarring.  I didn’t know how I would handle it, but I’ve learned that it forces you to look at ministry differently.  First, your ministry is no longer private and because it isn’t private you need to:


Before the book I was hesitant with sharing what I do.  I didn’t want to come off arrogant or self centered.  The problem is that it held back wisdom that I’ve acquire and the ability that I have to bless others with it.

When you share what you are do you show people they are not alone.  Your story might give them the hope they need.  It might provide for them a few lessons to learn.  The only way others can benefit from your work is by knowing what exactly you did.


When you make what you do public people will share their opinions.  It’s easy to become defensive; however, it’s important to stay receptive.

The more you can listen to feedback and critiques the more you can strategically analyze what you do.  When you do share what you do try not to take it personally.  Listen to what they have to say, share it with someone you trust and grow from the experience.


As I was writing Rebuilding Youth Ministry I quickly realized that I don’t have everything figured out.  People would ask questions after reading a certain chapter and I wouldn’t know how to answer.  When my editor asked me to expand on certain ideas I realized that there was still more to learn.

As youth ministers we have to remember that we should never hit cruise control.  There is so much to learn, do and experience.  A great leader knows that the learning process never ends.

As a way of celebrating Rebuilding Youth Ministry’s first birthday and promote continuous learning I wanted to do a special giveaway.  I’m going to giveaway a free copy of my book and two very special new releases from Ave Maria Press:

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To win a copy of these three books all you need to do is

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On March 16th we’ll do a special Periscope drawing of the winners.  Not everyone needs to write a book, but we all do have a story to share.  When you take the time to process, craft and share what it is you do you will not only build your confidence but grow the church.

Question:  What have you learned about yourself and God in the last couple of weeks. You can leave a comment by clicking here.