What To Do When Your Youth Ministry Grows Stale

3 Exercises To Get Your Volunteers Enthusiastic About The Vision

We all have those seasons in ministry when it feels like no matter how hard we work nothing seems to change.  It’s a defeating feeling that leaves you wondering, “What have I accomplished?”


If your youth ministry feels like it’s grown stale or is sluggish, it’s time to look at your vision.  If your ministry has lost site of the vision it’s time for you, and your volunteers to fall back in love with it.  And you can do it by:


I’m not suggesting you change the vision (Although that might be reasonable), instead look at changing how it’s communicated and worded.  If you want people to embrace the vision then you have to make it memorable.


Everyone loves a story.  It’s through story where we can step out of our reality to see something bigger.  It’s through story that you can turn your goals, objectives and strategy into something that get’s people excited.

To turn your vision into a narrative tell the story of a teenager (Your target audience) walking into your ministry for the first time.  Talk about:

  • What they would experience.
  • How they would feel.
  • Who they would meet.

Tell a story of a teenager that grows as a disciple because he or she was impacted by your ministry.  When you have that story, share it with the team.  Remind yourself that what you do is about changing lives.


The reason people lose site of the vision is because they get stuck in the hardships and frustrations of ministry.  To keep people motivated you have to point out the bright spots.

What stories, examples and anecdotes show that you are moving in the right direction?  What are the signs that the vision is being met and how are you celebrating them?

When you celebrate the wins you create a culture where people build confidence in their ability to meet the vision.  The more you celebrate the more people are motivated to work through those hard moments because they know their efforts will pay off.

(For more on clarify the win check out 7 Practices of Effective Ministry by Andy Stanley, Lane Jones and Reggie Joiner)

If you feel like your ministry is just treading water, it’s time to take a step back and look at the big picture.  Take in the view of your vision and remind yourself why God has you right where He wants you.

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