What Too Comfortable Looks Like

I like being comfortable.  It means no conflict or stress.  It’s a feeling of, “I’ve finally made it.”  The problem is when the comfort stays around too long.

If you stay too comfortable you begin to loose effectiveness.  Instead of growing disciples you start growing consumers.  To avoid growing consumers and losing impact you need to make sure you know what it’s like to be too comfortable.  Some of the signs are you are too comfortable is when:


Routines will develop in your ministry.  Routines can be good because they are predictable; however, when they do not yield the result you want they can be dangerous.

If expectations are not clear unintentional routines will develop.  This can be anything from leaders showing up late to teens not inviting friends.  Make sure you always clarifying and setting expectations.  Don’t assume people will pick up on what you are thinking.


Are there programs in your ministry where you are asking, “Why are we doing this?”  The initial answer might be:

  • It’s tradition.
  • It’s always been popular.
  • We’ve always done it this way.

The problem with those responses is that they lack a solid purpose.  Why you do what you do needs to be linked to your vision.  If it isn’t it could develop as a distraction.


You might have a few leaders you can always rely on to help out and serve.  While it’s great to have a few go-to people it can limit your growth.  Eventually they’ll leave and you’ll be left alone.

If you want your ministry to go the long haul you need to look at replacing yourself (More on replacing yourself HERE) and growing new leaders.  That means delegating, passing along ownership and asking new people to get involved.


Change is inevitable.  When your ministry becomes too comfortable change becomes harder to grasp.  When change presents itself you look for reasons and ways to avoid it.

To be a ministry that is adaptable and growth oriented you need to measure what you do (More on measuring your ministry HERE).  You need to determine how you are being effective and willing to learn.

Instead of making comfort your goal, build confidence.  When you have confidence you will know how to stay calm in the midst of change. When you have confidence you’ll know how to challenge others.  And when you challenge others and embrace change you make your ministry into a movement.

Question: Do you think comfort should be a goal? Leave your response.  You can leave a comment by clicking here.