What’s Next

I enjoy Mondays where I work. I’m physically exhausted from working on Sunday, but I love how Mondays bring up the question, “What’s next?” I was reading the Pastor’s Blog last night and he talked about the strategic planning that this church is currently undertaking, it motivated me to start thinking about the strategic planning taking place in student ministry. Right now the crowd programs and small groups are running themselves, Confirmation and Student Impact are still developing but I’m at a point where I need to look at, “What’s next”.
When it comes to vision casting I’m always looking at growing staff (right now it’s just me) and creating designated space, but it’s also about being more connected to the community and bringing more students to the weekend. It’s important to think big when it comes to creating capacity, but not to get too carried away. That’s happened to me before and I’ve unfortunately scared ministers. There have been times where I get so excited about the idea I say come on let’s go and don’t even explain where it is we are going. It’s important to layout a vision and a plan as clearly as possible. You don’t have to be certain, but you do need to be clear. That’s what I’m going to be doing these next couple of Mondays figuring out where we are going, how we are going to get there, not sure but God will bring the answers.
In the meantime I need the student ministers to keep turning the wheel of the weekends, recruiting more ministers and getting the word out about what’s happening on the weekends.