How To Be Bold

There I was on top of a telephone pole, sweating profusely  trying to ignore the chants of “Jump, jump, jump.” from my classmates.  Our high school had just installed a ropes course and each student had to compete it.  As someone with a fear of heights I had to make a bold move.  I needed to jump from the top of this telephone pole to a hanging trapeze bar, while trusting the smallest guy in the class to hold me if I should miss.  I took a deep breathe, bent my knees and slid off the pole.  No jump and no near miss, I just fell.  Much to my surprise my classmate held on.

You are going to be faced with times where you need to take that jump and make a bold move.  Not many people realize that when they go into youth ministry that they will face obstacles, push back, conflict and necessary decisions in order to move forward.  To make those bold moves and many more you need to:

  • Engage Conflict: Conflict might seem like a negative thing; however, healthy conflict encourages team growth.  To be bold make sure you take the time to express yourself clearly, calmly with the knowledge that there will be push back.  The more you can engage conflict the soon you can address an issue before it becomes unruly.
  • Build Accountability: You should never go through ministry alone.  When you build a team around you they will hold you accountable to meet your goals, they will help you engage conflict and make big changes.  Building accountability means surrounding yourself with trustworthy people who will make sure you stay bold in the time of uncertainty.
  • Evaluate Yourself: Being bold does not mean you are ignorant and prideful.  Being bold means learning how to grow as a leader and an individual.  Sometimes this means asking people to evaluate your progress in those areas.  Have them show you where you are strong and where you need to improve.  It might be humbling; however, in the end it will help you grow stronger.
  • Trust God: Nothing is impossible with God.  You trust God, there is no problem, or situation you cannot face.  Make your relationship with God a priority, not just in your personal life, but your professional as well.  Find time to pray with staff, volunteers and even teens outside of programs.  Set up opportunities that will bring you closer to Him.

Being bold means being prepared for the journey that youth ministry will take you on.  Bold leaders lead to bold decisions, changes and results.  When you are bold you’ll impact the people and environments around you and fuel the movement that God has called you to lead.

Where do you need to be bold?