Where’s God…Oh yeah in a Box!

This week’s message is going to be about the path to God. The underlying theme to the whole message series has been direction not intention determines the destination. When it comes to the God path we have so many different images of God that we tend to head in the wrong destination. There are so many images of God out there, most with little bits of truth, but to really characterize and define God would risk putting Him in a box. The goal of this week’s message for our teens is to help them break down the walls of that box and allow God to do the great things that He can do in their lives.

With that said, I know that’s something I need to do is breakdown those walls and
not worry about the number of attendees at program, whether or not what we do is going to catch on and create life change. God’s plan is going to happen, even if I purposely try to stop it, but that would be stupid, I want to be a part of it; therefore, I need to let Him be who He is in my life.