Who To Recruit For Your Core Team

3 Questions You Have To Ask Every Potential Leader

Every ministry is meant to grow.  As more volunteers, teens and opportunities cross your plate so does the need to build a leadership team.

Your leadership team is a group of people who are not only willing to sacrifice time but take your ministry to a new level.  To know who needs to be on your core leadership team depends on how they answer the following questions:


They need to be sold out for your vision.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be memorized, but they should know it well.  If they aren’t aligned with your vision you’ll find them causing unnecessary conflict.

When you ask this question pose it more as a conversation.  Get their thoughts on what it looks like when the vision is fulfilled.  If it excites them they’ll be a huge advocate for your ministry.


The purpose of building a core leadership team is to extend your reach.  Asking them how they solve problems will show you:

  • Whether or not they can take the lead in your absence.
  • How they work as a team.
  • What they do with pressure.

You’ll need people stepping in to lead when you cannot.  You’ll need people who can see solutions to problems that have you puzzled.  Again you need a team of people who are going to help you move forward, especially when it’s difficult for you to do.


Leaders are learners.  When asking potential team members this question ask them about books, articles, and resources they are using to grow intellectually, spiritually and even physically.

Make sure they are people who are humble by nature and willing to grow.  They should be confident, but they don’t have to know everything.  Having a team that’s willing to grow with you is a powerful characteristic that should not be overlooked.

Overall you want people you can trust.  While you could sit down and interview people with these questions (Or ones like them) in the end IT’S ALL ABOUT TRUST.

To build that trust takes time, so don’t rush it.  Get to know the people around you and slowly invite them to be a part of your leadership team.

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