Who’s Helping You Become A Better Leader?

Regardless of what happens I’m wiped after a night of youth ministry.  Maybe I’m physically tired from the high energy or emotionally drained from a student’s testimony.  Regardless, I’m drained and need to be refueled.

As a youth minister you need to know how to refuel and reenergize yourself constantly.  While there are some better practices you can inherit one of the best ways to invest in yourself is by finding people to pour into you because:


You have goals, dreams and mile markers to reach.  If no one is holding you accountable then you don’t have someone to push and pick you up when the going gets tough.

You need people in your life giving you hope, faith, love and insight when ministry gets rough.  Surround yourself with people you trust to challenge and love you.


Believe it or not you aren’t the first youth minister to walk this earth.  Chances are there are men and women in your area who have dealt with:

  • Hurting teens.
  • Helicopter parents.
  • Disengaged pastors.
  • Non committal volunteers.

And the list could go on.  While youth ministry is growing and changing there are people who have faced similar situations to your own.  Find those veterans, pick their brains and listen to their wisdom.


There are so many resources out there to help you grow as a disciple, leader and youth minister.  While you can read them on your own you will get more out of them if you process them with others.

Find someone to read a book, watch a training or attend a conference with you.  Create discussions on what you hear, and see.  When you have someone to help you process you have someone to help you think outside the box.


Finding someone to invest in you can be quite simple.  A few ways you you can find that person is by:

  • Reaching out to your area director if you belong to a specific denomination.
  • Asking your church leadership if there is someone in your community that could be a source of wisdom.
  • Attending a conference and connect with the network available through them.
  • Connecting with national networks like NACYML or NNYM
  • Checking out Marathon Youth Ministry’s One on One Coaching HERE.  It’s a 6 month course where you and I meet weekly to go through life and discuss the journey of youth ministry.

Youth ministry is not meant to be done on your own.  You are not alone in the trenches and there are men and women who want to invest in you.  Reach out locally, find people who have experience and grow together.

Question:  Who is investing in you and how does it make an impact?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.