Why No One Is Showing Up To Your Event

And 5 Steps You Can Take To Fix It

Nothing is more frustrating then spending copious amounts of time planning an event only having no one attend.  It’s a moments where we ask, “Is this really worth the effort?” But, that might be the wrong question.

Before you ask, “Is this worth it?” you should ask, “How clear is my communication and marketing?”  It’s an odd question to ask in youth ministry, but with so much noise competing for the time and attention of teens and parents you need to have a strategy.  To get people to show you need to:


Sending out one save the date will not do the trick.  You need to follow up, send reminders and make sure your voice is being heard.  Granted you do not want to come off obnoxious and that’s why you need to be creative.


My friends at Parishdesigner.com have a great product that will help you get the word out in creative ways.  Not only is their product quality, but what they will save you in time is priceless.

When you can outsource your advertising, instead of spending hours working on the cheesy clip art the money you spend will be worth the results.  Do not be afraid to allocate some of your budget towards outsourcing your advertising, it will be worth it.


Email blasts and flyers are only so effective.  Sometimes you need that personal connection.  Gather a volunteer or two to make phone calls to people asking them whether or not they plan to attend.

Connecting them to a person who is connected to your program or event is a way of saying, “We really want to see YOU there.”  When people feel like you’ve personally invited them, they’ll make the extra effort to attend.


There are people in your parish who are communication specialists in their everyday life.  Sit down and talk with them about best practices.  Ask them what subtle and big ways you can get the word out to others.

If no one is available be sure to look at podcasts, websites and books that talk about marketing.  Two books I recommend books are MADE TO STICK and TO SELL IS HUMAN.


Invite others into the conversation and gain their insight.  Ask them questions like:

  • Was it clear what we were trying to say?
  • Was there something distracting to the message?

Listen to what others say to help you improve and become more effective.

How you communicate matters; therefore, make sure you spend time developing a plan.  Do not wait until the last minute and always be sure to ask the question, “How clear is the communicating and marketing?”

Question:  What has worked for you when it comes to marketing and advertising your youth ministry events?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.



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  • Nancy Radday

    These are great reminders of what we should do.