Why Speaking Positively About Your Pastor Matters

3 Reasons You Need To Embrace This Habit

I’ve had the same pastor for 12 years.  I would love to say that during that time we’ve gotten along smoothly; however, the reality is that there have been some rough moments.

Courtesy of garyknight/Creative Commons License

Courtesy of garyknight/Creative Commons License

It’s been during those moments where I’ve been tempted to curse him out publicly.  Then I pause and consider the consequences because the relationship you have with your pastor effects the impact you will have in your job.

After reading a Michael Hyatt post (read HERE) on a similar subject I thought it would be good to discuss how to improve that relationship.  And the best way to do that is to start speaking positively about him by:

  • Bragging about him publicly.
  • Showing him gratitude verbally.
  • Praying for him.
  • Asking him about his day and what you can do for him.

When you choose to speak positively about your pastor you will find that it:


If all you do is complain about your pastor people will wonder, “Do they go behind my back and complain?”  When you choose to speak positively people will trust that any disagreement you have with them will only be brought to them.


There is a lot of criticism that comes with leadership.  When you choose to affirm your pastor you communicate, “I have your back.”  You will build trust and your pastor will feel motivated knowing that he is not alone.


Words are powerful.  If you choose to speak positively about your pastor than you will start to see him in a more positive light.  You won’t dwell in the negative and make a small problem worse.

If you do have issues with your pastor it’s important for you to address them early.  Find time to sit with him and confront it early.  If you need assistance go to someone who is going to move you forward.

In the end if you feel like you cannot work with your pastor, then you might need to consider moving on to a different environment.  No matter the decision do not bring your discrepancies public because it will never turn out in the end.

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