Why You Might Feel A Little Burnt Out

5 Steps To Help You Catch Your Breath And Refocus

When do you get time off? Are you just coming off a break wondering, “When’s the next one coming along?” If you are constantly tired and feeling like the workload is endless you might be on the verge of burnout.

You want to address the burnout because you really do deep down inside enjoy doing what you are doing. The problem is you constantly feel:

  • Too busy to take the time to refocus
  • Like you can’t say, “No” to all the opportunities 
  • Pressured to do it all on your own
  • Confused where to start


Work can get overwhelming and the only thing that makes it worst is not knowing how to stop it all. Usually, the best thing to do is:


When you are done for the day you need to be done for the day. I know you might feel the pressure to check your email or bring your work laptop home, but it won’t do you any good. You need to make home your sanctuary.

Most people at work will understand. Make sure you communicate with them how to reach you in the case of an emergency. When you walk in the door put the phone down and focus on family or just breathing.

The better your home work balance the less tired you’ll be approaching the weekend. Your home will be a time when you can refocus for the next day.


You don’t have to count every minute, but you should have an idea of what each week entails. This means knowing when to schedule the time:

  • You arrive and leave.
  • Eat lunch and socialize with coworkers.
  • Turn off distractions (i.e. social media) and focus hard on a project.
  • Learn and invest in yourself professionally.

The more consistent you are with your schedule the easier it will be to build momentum. Coworkers will learn when you are approachable and when to let you focus. You will be giving yourself a path of productivity.




The reason you need volunteers is because the workload of someone in ministry is too much. Don’t be afraid to ask people to help you. (For more on recruiting volunteers, read HERE)

If you are struggling to reach out to people at work find a friend. Go out for a cup of coffee and share with them your situation. They might be able to provide the insight and wisdom you need.


Too often our vacations or time off is wasted on things that exhaust us. Yes, you might want to cut loose and have some fun, but find something a little more constructive. Try:

  • Embracing a hobby or activity that is fulfilling.
  • Avoiding binging on technology.
  • Getting caught up on proper sleep (7-9 hours).
  • Revisiting your prayer life.

Again, your home should be a sanctuary and so should your time off from work. Make sure you are looking at the things that fill you up and not wear you out.


After you read this find a conference, retreat or an experience that will feed you. Invest in yourself spiritually, professionally, physically or emotionally. It might cost an extra buck but the return on investment is worth it.


If you want to be in ministry for the long haul you have to know how to care for yourself. If you are feeling overwhelmed take a moment to close your eyes and breathe. Don’t worry about tomorrow, God’s got it under control and He wants you enjoying every moment of what He has called you to do.

Question:  How are you working on doing ministry for the long haul?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.