Why Your Ministry Needs An Identity

5 Factors To Help You Find It

Why does your ministry exist?  Is it even necessary?  It’s a question every leader needs to answer.  And if you can’t you might question whether or not your ministry is worth your time.

If you haven’t discovered the identity to your ministry, it’s not too late.  In fact it’s what you should be exploring regularly.  Examining your ministry’s identity keeps you focused and purposeful.  To help you sharpen that focus and stay on course you need to consider these 5 factors:


The reason you are doing what you are doing is because God called you into ministry (Even if you were tricked by your pastor).  That means He has a plan for you and your ministry.

To discover that vision takes prayer.  Pray for the ministry, ask your leaders to join in with you.  Ask God to show you what it is He wants you to do and write it down.


On top of what God wants you to do He also wants you to solve a problem.  There is something broken in your community and it should break your heart.

The vision is what God wants you to accomplish, the burden is the problem you are addressing.  Spend time getting to know your community, it’s activities and what makes it’s move.

Once you’ve identified that burden share it with your team.  Talk about why it’s important and continually ask God for guidance.


Chances are your burden surrounds a specific group of people.  Even if you are a youth minister your ministry is designed to reach a specific group of teenagers.

Your target audience will be revealed through examination of your vision and the burden you carry.  Get to know their interests, challenges and opportunities.  The more you know them the better you will be at reaching them because people will identify your ministry as a resource.


As a leader there is a lot you can do, but you can’t do everything.  Your ministry’s identity is strongly connected to your strengths as a leader.  Try not to be someone else because it will only lead to burnout.

Learn more about yourself as a leader by taking a personality test or a leadership course.  Sit with people who know you to help you identify what you do well.  Play to those strengths and watch your ministry flourish.


You have gaps in your leadership and you need people to fill those gaps.  You have gifts and others will help you amplify those gifts.

Don’t be afraid to ask others to do the things you dislike or to take over the things you enjoy.  The more hands on deck the wider your capacity.

As you craft the identity of your ministry you’ll begin to discover that it’s easy to recruit volunteers, reach more teenagers and build support.  People will clearly see why you exist and why your ministry is necessary.

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