Why Youth Ministry Needs To Exists

It’s a moment many of us face if you’ve been in youth ministry more than a month. It’s that moment when you are getting into your car or your bed and you wonder, “Why am I doing this?”

A big problem with youth ministry is that many people do not know why it exists.  It’s seen as unnecessary or irrelevant.  Many youth ministries are being eliminated or consolidated into a family ministry.  Youth ministry is necessary because it provides:


While technology can connect us in so many ways, we still need face to face interactions to form solid relationships.  Youth ministry programs provide opportunities for real relationships to grow and flourish.

Take the time to look at creating relational opportunities (i.e. small groups) where teens can practice having conversations, accountability and even conflict in a Christ like atmosphere.  A youth ministry environment will help them practice faith sharing that can equip them for the real world.


Broken families and healthy families all need support.  There will be a moment when a teen doesn’t want to talk to their mom or dad.  Youth ministry can help a teen turn to their parents.

Your youth ministry can serve as a liaison between child and parent.  Make sure your ministers affirm the parents and encourage teens to bring the discussion home.  In the end parents won’t feel like they are on their own.


Teens are not always the target audience of a pastor’s message.  Youth ministers need to take the weekend message and help teens understand it’s relevancy.

To create a message that speaks to the next generation talk with your pastor about his homily or sermon.  Speak on the same subjects and at the same time help your pastor address a younger audience next time he preaches.


The next generation will challenge you with big questions and bigger dreams.  Sometimes it’s not the teens who need church, but the church who needs teens.  Youth ministries are designed to mobilize the next generation.

A healthy youth ministry should provide opportunities where teens can serve alongside and lead adults.  A healthy youth ministry should give opportunities for adults to invest in teens who will challenge them.  A healthy youth ministry will breathe enthusiasm and excitement into a church initiative.

Youth ministry is necessary because it advocates on behalf of a generation that is looked at as disengaged, careless and self centered.  It affirm parents to keep investing in their teens.  It encourages the next generation to make an impact.  Ignore the voices and remember what you do matters.  Without youth ministry the church would feel a void.


Question:  Why do (or don’t) you think youth ministry should exists You can leave a comment by clicking here.