Will Students Come Back To Your Ministry?

5 Steps To Stop Your Ministry From Being A Revolving Door

Will students come back?  It’s a question even the most seasoned youth ministers will ask.  If you want the answer to be yes then you need to make sure your ministry stays focused on this one concept.

It’s a simple concept that works in every other aspect of our life.  If cultivated and nutured it can take your ministry from a small cluster into a large movement.  Teens will come back to your ministry on a consistent basis if you focus on:


The reason you do anything for the first time or go back to a place is because of the relationships you’ve formed.  The reason teens will come back to your ministry is because they are forming Christ-centered relationships.  And to cultivate them in your ministry you need to:


If you are the only adult in your ministry you will not have the capacity to reach many teens.  You can have a profound impact on the teens you invest in, but that number will struggle to grow.

To expand your capacity you need to make your focus on finding adults who will connect and invest in teenagers.  The more adults you can find the more teens you will have an impact on. (For more on recruiting adults go HERE)



There is so much to teach the next generation; however, if they do not trust you they will not care what you have to say.  Small groups, and mentoring help us focus on the person first so that we can create opportunities to share truth.  (For more on small groups go HERE)


Teenagers are making a huge effort to come to your ministry.  A locked door or empty room can feel intimidating.  Make sure your equipment, and environment are ready so that you can focus on greeting teenagers.

If you are too busy setting up when a teenager arrives it will communicate that they are an afterthought.  Make sure, lights are on, doors are unlocked and that you are ready to go when they arrive.


You might show them purpose and value during your youth ministry night, but how much do they matter during the week?  Shoot them a text, email or write out a card.  Tell them you are thinking of them.

Another way you show them that they matter is by connecting with their parents too.  To invest in these teens means building relationships with them and their families.


People that pray together are stronger together.  Even if you are meeting them for a bite to eat take the time to invite God into the conversation.  Not only are you showing them an important value, but you are asking God to bless the conversation.

Jesus commands us to love God and love others.  A youth ministry that embraces that mission will not only see teenagers coming back but an endless amount of blessings from God.

Question:  In what ways are you focusing on relationships in your ministry?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.