Will You Make It To Christmas?

4 Tips To Help You Survive The Holiday Rush

Thanksgiving is over and now it’s that sprint before Christmas.  During a time of so much to-do’s it’s easy to dance with burn out and find yourself exhausted.  But, what if that didn’t have to be the case?


During our busiest seasons it’s easy to get disorganized and allow the inboxes fill up.  It’s during a time when you wonder, “Is this really worth it?”  To avoid burnout and really get the most out of this season:


Chances are there is too much on your plate (For more on this read HERE).  Consider doing just 1 thing less.  That could mean:

  • Buying 1 less gift and save the money for something else.
  • Going to 1 less party or holiday gathering.
  • Eating 1 less cookie or glass of eggnog.

It might seem insignificant but every little bit can count.  Don’t replace or do something different, just eliminate it and use that margin to breathe.



It’s easy to get caught up in the urgent and lose sight of what’s important.  If you have to reexamine what you have to do to be successful.  That might mean:

  • Holding off on responding to emails (if it’s urgent they should call you)
  • Protecting family/personal time
  • Making sure you are delegating and assigning tasks clearly.
  • Reviewing your schedule and making sure everything is on it.

Knowing what’s important will help you make wiser decisions and navigate through the craziness with a little more clarity.


It’s easy to get caught up in the emotions of people rushing.  If the atmosphere gets negative it’s easy to feel drained.  The best step is to surround yourself with joy.  Do that by:

  • Surrounding yourself with people who are happy and cheerful.
  • Planning a movie night that gets you in the spirit.
  • Treating yourself to a special coffee drink or pastry.

Do something that’s going to put a smile on your face and remind you of the hope that comes with Christmas.


People ask me how I get through running long distances.  Sometimes it’s the end goal.  It’s either imagining myself crossing the finish line or it’s the big chicken finger sub that I’m going to devour.

During this time of year create an end goal that keeps you motivated.  It could be:

  • Sleeping in after the madness dies down (put this in your calendar)
  • Your favorite meal.
  • Going to a movie or a concert.
  • Taking a trip or a vacation.

Get that goal down so that you are reminded that the craziness you find yourself in is just for a season and not eternity.

No matter where you work or what you do you will face seasons of busyness.  Instead of losing hope remember small adjustments can make the difference.  As you get ready for Christmas remember to breathe and remember God is there to guide you through.

Question:  How do you survive the madness of certain seasons?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.